The Short Hairstyle Trends That Are Coming On Strong

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Which comes first—the confidence to wear short hair or the confidence that comes when you wear short hair? Either way, rocking a short hairstyle elevates your style and makes you one of the cool girls. Not to mention the fact that you instantly gain hours of extra time each week, because styling short hair is quick and easy. Air drying is the go-to styling strategy—a short haircut will fall right into place. And even if you decide it’s a blow dry or curling iron type of day, the process will only take a few minutes on short hair. If you’re ready to embrace a chop, here are nine ways to launch your look.

Shaggy Lob

Meet the “shlob!” It’s a cross between a shag haircut and a lob haircut, thanks to the fact that extra layers are placed strategically throughout the cut. This creates a fuller shape and more volume when the hair is waved or curled. Before drying the hair, apply a volume boosting mousse to create fullness and soft lift.

Italian Ice Pixie Cut

Hair By: @bleachedandblown

A mango, lemon and lavender color melt play off the sharp angles of this short haircut. The crisp perimeter lines are balanced by soft internal layering, which keeps the look feminine and playful and offers tons of styling options. Regular use of color-care shampoo and conditioner will help maintain the depth, shine and tone of every hair color.

Blunt Pixie Cut

Bangs are having a major moment and this square, brow-grazing fringe marries the trend to the traditional short pixie haircut. You could also direct the heavy bangs up and away from your face for an edgy pompadour effect. To get a fuller look, apply a texturizing styling spray to damp hair and direct strands back with a vented styling brush and blow dryer, lifting at the roots as you dry each section.

Short Curly Hair

Hair By: @thecurlcollectivephx

Two of the biggest complaints about curly hairstyles are one: they frizz and two: they fall flat. Thanks to a special cocktail of moisturizing styling milk and curl defining elixir, problems solved! Apply the styling milk first for lightweight moisture, followed by the curl elixer for curl definition and flexible hold. Then diffuse the curls for consistent, frizz-free hair.

Blunt Bob

The blunt bob is a classic, for many good reasons. It’s chic and sophisticated, and it’s a great way to give fine hair the appearance of more fullness and body. What’s new now? Adding a few delicate layers around the face to flatter eyes and cheekbones, and opting in when it comes to a strong statement hair color like this zesty tangerine. Treat fine hair with a lightweight volumizing mousse before drying, for body, shine and protection from heat damage.

Modern Shag Haircut

Is it time to express your inner rock star? The shag is a versatile cut that can be worn extremely messy or seamlessly straight. It also gives finer hair lots of body. Adding curtain bangs plus waves and curls to your shag makes it modern. For the best texture, twist small sections around a narrow curling iron, alternating directions—backward and forward. Then place a small amount of styling jelly between your fingers and pinch the curled sections for more definition.

Pixie Haircut With Micro Bangs

Baby bangs are cute. Micro bangs are fierce! Combine micro bangs with a choppy pixie haircut and you’ll let the world know you’re edgy and ready for anything. Micro bangs can be blunt or rounded, wispy or razor sharp. One thing they can never be is boring…but you already know that!

Grown Out Pixie

This is what happens when a short pixie cut grows out…and it’s adorable! To keep the pixie vibe going, have your stylist snip into the ends for a shaggy, messy shape—you don’t want hair to get too solid-looking at this length. Airy, side-sweep bangs keep the overall feeling pretty and feminine. Short hair is usually healthy hair because there are no old or split ends, so why not try some fun hair color like highlights, platinum blonde or a delicate pastel? A multi-benefit, all-in-one leave-in conditioning spray will keep your short, blonde hair in great shape..

Pink Wavy Pixie Cut

How can you take your pixie haircut to the next level? Grow it out on the top and sides, transform it to a rosehip pink with healthy, plant-based hair color and then take it for a spin and create messy waves with your favorite styling iron.

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