Natural Ways to Care For Your Colored Hair

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Your hairstylist has done the heavy lifting—namely creating the blonde, brown, blue, burgundy or lilac hair color of your dreams. Now it’s your turn. To keep your colored hair on point, you must school yourself in the best hair care for colored hair. And if you lean toward a natural approach to beauty, you’ll also want to find natural ways to care for your colored hair. Here are 10 helpful colored hair care tips from Matrix pros.

Don’t Leave the Salon Without a Coconut Color Seal

Forward-thinking hair salons have started installing “health bars” for hair, offering services using natural-origin ingredients like those found in the Biolage R.A.W. range to treat hair naturally. A new, natural color-care service called the Coconut Color Seal uses an acidic milk rinse containing coconut milk and oat milk to seal in fresh hair color, help it last longer and stay vibrant, and leave hair feeling soft and looking super shiny. What’s the deal with acidity? According to Matrix experts, it’s all about pH balance. Specifically, hair color is alkaline in nature, because alkalinity expands the outer layer or cuticle of each hair to allow the hair color to penetrate. An acidic formula like the R.A.W. Color Care Acidic Milk Rinse re-balances the alkalinity and re-seals the hair’s cuticle layer. The end result is like the difference between what paint looks like on a stucco wall vs how it appears on a smooth wall.

Got Milk?

A color care shampoo and conditioner in a milky formula is the ideal, natural way to gently bathe your color-treated hair without disturbing the dye. The new Biolage R.A.W. Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner do the job with coconut milk, which nourishes colored hair, and meadowfoam, a natural anti-oxidant that prevents hair color degradation. This color care shampoo and conditioner duo is a great way to care for your color-treated hair naturally, between hair color appointments in the salon.

Stock Up on Dry Shampoo

No matter how gentle your shampoo, it pays to wash your hair as infrequently as you can manage if you want to prolong the life of your hair color. Dry shampoo is a color-treated girl’s best friend—it will absorb excess oil and odor, and buy you extra days between hair washes.

Become a Hair Mask Maven

Dryness does hair color no favors—it leads to a dull, ashy, unhealthy appearance. Indulging your hair in a natural hair mask like Biolage R.A.W. Re-Hydrate once or twice a week will keep it infused with the rich moisture it needs. This natural-origin hair mask contains shea butter—and it’s free of silicones, parabens and artificial ingredients.

Never Break Your Bonds

Stop hair color damage before it ever happens by requesting a hair bond-repairing additive like Matrix Bond Ultim8 in your hair color formulas. It prevents the hair structure from breaking down during the color service, and prevents damage in the days following, getting you off to the best possible start hair health-wise, after your hair color service.

Shampoo Your Hair Lukewarm; Rinse Cool

There’s a reason clothing manufacturers suggest washing brightly-colored garments in cool water. Hot water leads to premature fading of the dyes, and the same holds true for your hair. So dial down the temp when you shampoo your color-treated hair. Opt for lukewarm water while sudsing, and rinse with water that’s as cool as you can stand it to be!

Air Dry Your Hair as Often as Possible

Thermal tools are another pain point for hair color—they not only make hair susceptible to heat damage, but direct contact with a hot iron causes hair color to fade. One of the most natural strategies of colored hair care is to embrace your natural texture—whether it’s curly hair, wavy hair or straight hair. Apply a styling cream like one of the Style Link Air Dry Boho formulas to damp hair, and let it be. If your hair is wavy or curly, divide it up into sections and “set” the sections in twists. When your hair dries, gently release the twists, and your waves or curls will be locked into place—no styling iron required!

Beat the Heat with Coconut Milk and Meadowfoam In Your Heat Protectant

On the occasions when you do opt to style your color-treated hair with a dryer, protect it naturally with a heat protectant like the new R.A.W. Heat Styling Primer. It protects hair from temperatures up to 450 degrees, offers acidic technology that soothes strands’ surfaces and contains coconut milk and meadowfoam for natural health and shine.

Hats On

It doesn’t get more chemical-free than this. Every time you go outside, particularly if you’re going to be exposed to UV rays, cover up your hair color with your favorite hat. You know what happened to your favorite chair that’s situated in front of that big, sunny window in your house? The way it faded several shades? Same can happen to your hair color when it’s exposed to the sun if you don’t shield it!

No Sleeping When Wet

Wet hair is stretchy and fragile, and tossing and turning through the night with wet hair can lead to breakage. If you do like to shower before bedtime, consider applying a mask like Biolage 3Butter Overnight Mask to keep damp hair moisturized and supple. Otherwise, avoid wet bed head. Also, consider investing in a satin pillowcase for smoother sleeping!

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