9 Reasons To Indulge Your Hair In Deep Conditioning Hair Treatments


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Even if you think you’re taking good care of your hair, you may come to the point when you realize you need something extra. Maybe your strands are dryer than usual, perhaps they’re exhibiting signs of breakage or maybe your hair color is fading faster than you would like. Fortunately, there’s a rescue strategy ready and waiting, namely, deep conditioning treatments. “The struggle is real,” declares Matrix Artistic Director Dilek Onur-Taylor. “More and more people are experience the extensive damage that can only be reversed with deep conditioning treatments. The new Biolage Deep Treatment Packs contain the highest concentration of caring ingredients for healthier-feeling hair with each use*.” Here are nine more reasons to reach for a deep conditioning treatment.

Hair Damage Isn’t Pretty and You Want Pretty Hair.

Your favorite dress isn’t on point if it’s faded or torn. Same goes for your hair. If hair is extremely damaged or dry, every hair style will look less than its best, no matter what. Deep conditioning treatments will infuse your hair with concentrated amounts of healthy caring ingredients, selected for your specific hair woes—whether it’s dry, frizzy, faded, etc.

Your Hair Feels the Heat.

You adore your beachy waves and bouncy blowouts, and the only way you’re going to give up your flat iron and hair dryer is if someone pries them out of your cold, dead hands. Fair enough, but all that heat is taking a toll on your hair. Hot temperatures degrade the outer cuticle layer of each hair strand, causing strands to weaken and become unable to maintain vital moisture. Deep treatments restore those damaged cuticles and top off depleted moisture. Instantly your hair looks shinier and feels healthier.

Hair color. Enough Said.

We do it. You do it. Nowadays everybody plays with hair color. And why not? From the expensive look of blonde balayage highlights to the extensive array of grey coverage options to the flirty fun of fashion colors like rose gold hair or purple hair, there’s something for everyone and for everyone’s every mood.

But even the healthiest hair color formulas alter the original, healthy structure of the hair, and if you’re a habitual hair color client, the integrity of your hair becomes compromised. Then you’re caught in a vicious cycle—the more you color your hair, the harder it is to maintain shiny, vibrant hair color, which leads to more frequent hair color services, and on and on. You can stop the madness with a deep treatment designed for color treated hair. New Biolage COLOR LAST Deep Treatment Pack will help your color-treated hair retain moisture and strengthen your hair follicles for shiny, vibrant results.

There’s a Treatment for Every Hair Type.

Fed up with frizzy hair? Try new Biolage SMOOTH PROOF Deep Treatment Pack that will put frizz on notice with camellia and castor oils with camellia and castor oil. Is your hair so thirsty it can’t get enough moisture? Boost the hydration of dry hair with extreme moisture and nourishment, thanks to the new Biolage HYDRA SOURCE Deep Treatment Pack, which is a unique formula containing aloe and spirulina extract known for strengthening hair and giving it a glossy sheen.

Are you a frequent hair color, perm or straightener client? The new Biolage Advanced Recovery Deep Treatment Pack is infused with concentrated amino acids to condition and smooth dry, over-processed damaged hair. In need of a solution to counteract the dryness and breakage caused by hot tools like blow dryers and styling irons? Biolage Advanced FIBER STRONG Deep Treatment Pack is formulated with resilient bamboo extract which fills the gaps in the hair cuticle and improves the shine, strength and elasticity of fragile hair.

"Nowadays we have so many masks and treatments at our disposal,” confirms Dilek. “So whenever a client needs deep care, we have a solution that’s just right for her hair.”

Treatments are Also Good for Your Scalp.

A healthy scalp is at the root (pardon the pun) of healthy hair, and hair moisturizing treatments work on the scalp as well as the hair. Many salons offer intensely relaxing scalp massages with a deep treatment services, which not only melt away tension, but also help the treatment formula penetrate the scalp while revving up your circulation. Biolage R.A.W. offers a soothing Rebalance Scalp Oil as an in-salon or in-home treatment with cedarwood and lemongrass acting as antioxidants while peppermint provides a soothing and cooling experience to the scalp. If you’re applying a treatment at home, give yourself a little love by moving your fingertips around your head in a circular motion while applying pressure. Ahhhh!

You Get Instant Gratification.

Who has time to wait for a product to work? Not you! And with Biolage Deep Treatment Packs, you don’t have to wait. Once they’re applied, processed and rinsed the results are immediate. Your hair emerges softer, healthier, silkier and shinier. Gratification is instant.

Treatments Now Come in “Individual Servings”

Not only have treatment formulas become more effective and efficient, so has the way you use them. The new Biolage Treatment Packs, for example, come in lightweight, easy-to-squeeze, resealable packaging that serve up to four treatments. The strain-free packs are 77% lighter than a jar of the same size and 55% lighter than a tube of the same size. You can get your first treatment in the salon, then take the unused applications in your pack home for ongoing hair health. You get more for your money, and your product takes up less space with less waste.

Self-Care Is Important

Treatments aren’t just helpful for your hair and scalp—they can also soothe your soul. Most feature heavenly fragrances that immediately lift your mood, for example. And they can easily become part of, or the focus of, a self-care ritual. “I tell my clients to apply the treatment, cover their hair with a plastic cap, turn off their phones and relax for about 20 minutes,” says Matrix Artistic Director Michele O’Connor. “Take that time to log off and recharge!”

Some Hair Treatments Are Also Good for the Planet

More and more treatment formulas are based on low-impact, natural ingredients. The Biolage Treatment Packs, for example, are vegan and highly concentrated in plant-based emollients. Good for you and good for Mother Earth!

*when used as a system with Biolage Shampoo

Color Last Deep Treatment Mask For Colored Hair | Biolage Professional

Color Last Deep Treatment Pack Hair Mask for Color-Treated Hair

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Recovery Deep Treatment Pack Multi Use Hair Mask for Over-Processed Hair

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