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Deep Treatment Packs

Biolage Collections

  • Essential Hair Care | Biolage
  • Everyday Essentials
    Ever-evolving daily care go-to for essential hair & styling needs. These are the products that pioneered naturality in the salon industry through botanical infused formulas with pillar star ingredients & signature fragrance.
  • Advanced Botanical Hair Care Products | Biolage
  • Advanced Solutions
    Combining the power of science with nature to bring the most corrective treatments for total hair recovery. Biolage Advanced tackles hair concerns from thinning and fragile hair to porous and over processed hair.
  • Professional Hair Styling Products | Biolage
  • Styling
    A complete offering of stylers to achieve effortless, natural style that won't dry, dull or damage hair.
  • R.A.W. Natural Origin Hair Care Products | Biolage
  • Biolage R.A.W.
    Real, Authentic, Wholesome hair care. R.A.W. is the perfect balance between nature, health, and performance.

    Find the right Biolage products for your specific hair needs!

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    Of Natural Origin
    • Of Natural Origin
    • Botanically-based products
    ColorLast Purple Shampoo For Blonde Hair | Biolage
    Purple shampoo that neutralizes brass and unwanted warm tones

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      ColorLast Shampoo For Colored Hair | Biolage
      ColorLast Shampoo for Color-Treated Hair
      Gently cleanses and helps maintain the color depth, tone and shine for vivid color-treated hair
    • {88FA4A12-E417-42D8-86CB-CE60895A32D9}
      HydraSource Conditioning Balm | Biolage
      HydraSource Conditioning Balm for Dry Hair
      Conditions and detangles while adding softness.
    • {BB3E203E-56B8-44CD-9B91-E6766252F958}
      VolumeBloom Shampoo For Fine Hair | Biolage
      VolumeBloom Shampoo for Fine Hair
      Gently cleanses as it adds lightweight shine and volume
    • {5A517F65-2AFF-4424-8A99-0F8C45CEF028}
      SmoothProof Deep Treatment Multi-Use Hair Mask Pack | Biolage
      SmoothProof Deep Treatment Pack Hair Mask for Frizzy Hair
      Hair mask that tames frizz, split ends & fly-aways for an overall sleek finish


    About Biolage

    Biolage is recognized worldwide as a leader in the professional hair care field, and that reputation continues to grow. We believe this is because Biolage is constantly improving—taking hair care to new levels by offering high-performance, professional-quality products powered by botanicals.


    Because sustainability is an everyday promise


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    Hair Care
    Biolage R.A.W. Natural Origin Hair Care | Biolage
    When it comes to nearly everything in your life, you believe less is more. Fewer additives in the food you eat and serve. Less packaging for less waste. Less consumption for a gentler impact on the earth. A mindful approach to the reactions caused by every action. Careful scrutiny of the ingredients in all of the products you use in your home and on your body.

    So for you, embracing a Natural Origin haircare collection like the Biolage R.A.W. is a natural extension of your overarching philosophies. Here are 10 reasons to love these innovative new products, and incorporate them into your healthy lifestyle.
    Hair Care
    9 Reasons to Try A Deep Conditioner | Biolage
    Even if you think you’re taking good care of your hair, you may come to the point when you realize you need something extra. Maybe your strands are dryer than usual, perhaps they’re exhibiting signs of breakage or maybe your hair color is fading faster than you would like. Fortunately, there’s a rescue strategy ready and waiting, namely, deep conditioning treatments. “The struggle is real,” declares Matrix Artistic Director Dilek Onur-Taylor. “More and more people are experience the extensive damage that can only be reversed with deep conditioning treatments. The new Biolage Deep Treatment Packs contain the highest concentration of caring ingredients for healthier-feeling hair with each use*.” Here are nine more reasons to reach for a deep conditioning treatment.
    Hair Care
    The Best Sulfate Free Shampoo For Your Hair Type | Biolage
    Many people prefer to take a sulfate free hair care approach these days, and luckily, there are now many effective options for those who want to cleanse their hair with shampoos without sulfates. Here’s an overview of available formulas, along with guidance from the pros at Matrix for choosing the best sulfate free formula for your hair.
    Hair Styling
    9 Cute Easy Updos And Everyday Hairstyles | Biolage
    There’s your every day hairstyle and there are the beautiful hairstyles you like to wear for super special occasions. Then there’s that middle ground—the times you want to spruce your hair up a bit, without venturing into bridesmaid hairstyle territory. These hairstyles should look soft and casual and, most important, be easy to do. Team Matrix knows exactly what you have in mind, and here are nine easy and cute updos to inspire you!

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