8 Hot Hair Trends For Fall And Winter

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A new season always provokes the desire to change. New clothes, new makeup, new habits and maybe even a new hairstyle. To inspire you, here are eight trending hair styles identified by the experts at Biolage. Who knows? One or more of them just might make it into your style rotation for fall and winter!


Hair By: @gracey_shaghair

Alert your inner ‘90s supermodel. Full, bouncy hair with face-framing layers is back, Christy Brinkley-style! Rock this haircut with a center part for a Bohemian vibe or switch your part to the side to send out Uptown Girl glam. If you’re blowing out your hair more frequently, your strands will need extra TLC. Look for a shampoo and conditioner that restore hair keratin to prevent breakage and frizz.

Stretched Shag Haircut

The shag haircut is definitely having a moment—it started to gather steam a few seasons ago and it hasn’t stopped to catch its breath. What makes the shag modern right now is a new, elongated shape. There are still lots of layers, but they’re placed further away from the top of the head. Texture is a must if you’re rocking a shag haircut—think waves, curls and lots of piece-y separation of the layers. After you’ve finished styling the look, work a buildable texturizing gel into your hands and onto your fingertips. Then go through and pinch the gel into your layers to define your strands.

Balayage Coils

Hair By: @hopelessfromantic

Bouncy comb-twist curls get an upgrade with hand-painted accents of lively color. One of the newest hair color solutions for keeping colored curls healthy is to use a conditioning color balm that deposits your favorite hue without damage. “I love the Biolage COLOR BALM Color Depositing Conditioners,” says Biolage Partner and curl expert Imani Williams, @hopelessfromantic. “They’re vegan and free of parabens and mineral oil. They leave my hair feeling soft and well-conditioned.”

Strawberry & Honey Blonde

There’s a warming trend when it comes to blondes. After several seasons of icy cool and platinum hues, Celebrity Stylist George Papanikolas reports a shift toward warmer tones like honey and strawberry blondes. The best way to make the shift is to ask your stylist to add some warmer lowlights to your hair color, which are darker shades painted between your existing hair color. It’s the perfect way to add depth and richness for fall and winter. Embellish your new hue with a statement clip and some easy-going waves.

Curly Bangs

Curly girls used to shy away from bangs but now they’re popping up everywhere. One tip—don’t try to cut your own bangs if you have a curly or wavy texture. It takes a pro to understand how to snip a curly fringe so that it doesn’t shrink up when it’s dry or hang heavy in your eyes, making you look like an ungroomed sheepdog. Keep curls defined and separated when styling with an alcohol-free gel that also adds shine.


Hair By: @evgenikastylist

Part curl, part waves, S-shaped curves are an edgier take on soft mermaid waves. The easiest way to create this shape is with a flat iron. Protect hair with a heat-protective spray, divide it into sections, insert the flat iron midway down each section and push the hair back and forth to create the undulating shape. When you reach the ends, use the flat iron to smooth and straighten the hair at the bottom of each section.

Curly Faux-Hawk

This high and lean look is an edgy way to style your natural curls with a nod to the ‘80s. (Oh hey Prince!) Think of this shape as a curly updo for special occasions. To get the look, divide your natural curls into these sections—a triangular shape in front and a parting that goes from ear to ear across the top of your head. Pull the middle section into a couple of center ponytails and secure with elastics. Then pull and fluff your curls to cover the elastics and blend with the top and bottom sections. Finish with a humidity-resistant hair spray to repel frizz.

Bubble Ponytail

Give your daily ponytail a going-out upgrade with the trending bubble ponytail. It’s super-versatile and easy to do on straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair or coily hair. You can keep each “bubble” consistent in size or mix up smaller and larger shapes. After securing each section with elastic bands, adorn them with ribbons, clips or metallic or colored cords. Change up the shape with a bubble braid. Leave the ends straight or curled. Before styling, suggests Biolage Artistic Director Danielle Keasling, prep dry hair with a treatment formula like Biolage Smooth Shine Milk to enhance shine and work a gel like Biolage Curl Elixir into your fingertips as you create the style for grip and definition.

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