8 Ways To Celebrate Your Stylist On National Hairstylist Appreciation Day

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It took a pandemic to make some of us realize just how important our hairstylists are in our lives. After months of split ends, grown out bangs and creeping roots, we couldn’t wait to get back into the salon and have those talented pros work their magic and help us feel like ourselves again. So as National Hairstylist Appreciation Day rolls around on April 30 this year, why not give it up for those hair heroes? Here are eight ways to make your stylist happy, not only on their special day but all year long!

Book Your Next Appointments in Advance

Your stylist wants nothing more than for you to get an appointment on the day and time that’s most convenient for your schedule. She also wants you to stay on a regular schedule to avoid going too long between appointments and suffering from those aforementioned split ends, shaggy bangs and deep roots. But as you can guess, because she’s so good at what she does, she’s very busy, which means if you wait too long to book, she may not be able to fit you in on at your desired time. The best solution is to pre-book your next appointment before you leave the salon. That way you’re guaranteed to get the slot you want. Even better? Book the next several appointments in advance and your hair cut and color will always look completely on point!

Tell your Friends

Customer referrals are life for anyone in the service business and your stylist is no exception. So if you love the way he or she does your hair (and of course you do) why not share that love among your family and friends? Imagine how happy your stylist could make your mom with her cute curls or your niece who loves experimenting with every hair color in the rainbow. And as if delighting your peeps isn’t enough of an incentive, consider that many stylists and salons offer some type of “thank you” when a client refers a friend—anything from a service or product discount to a free gift.

Show up on Time

Time is money for your stylist and if clients show up late, that’s time not spent doing hair and earning a living. It also inconveniences other clients when they have to wait, which throws shade back onto the salon and stylist. Stuff happens for sure and sometimes delays can’t be avoided. But try to respect your stylist’s time and make every effort to get to your appointment on time. If you are running late, call ahead and let them know so they can rework things or possibly reschedule you.

Take Care of Your Hair at Home

You know that luminous hair color and bouncy body you were sporting when you walked out of the salon? Now it’s on you to do the right things to keep your hair looking salon fresh and fabulous until your next appointment. Start by getting your stylist’s recommecendations for the best products to use at home. These salon folks work with pro shampoos and conditioners and masks and stylers all day long so they know precisely what you should use on your hair…and what you should avoid. Heed their advice and follow through. Compliance is everything; after all that moisturizing mask will do your hair no good if it just sits on your bathroom shelf!

Be Honest

Think of your hairstylist as a doctor. He or she must gather all the facts about your hair—including your hair history—in order to make the best decisions on how to proceed. Whether or not you currently have color or a chemical straightener or smoother on your hair, for example, informs the types of products and services that can be considered moving forward. So ‘fess up! Even if you think the “rinse” you did at home a few months ago doesn’t matter now, the fact is it does. It’s probably still on your ends. Remember, your stylist isn’t going to judge, she just wants to get the full picture so she can do right by your hair.

Share Pictures

If you have a specific hair color or hairstyle in mind, don’t rely strictly on verbal descriptions. Bringing along photos that illustrate your vision will help your stylist immensely. After all, your idea of honey blonde or face-framing layers might be very different from what your stylist envisions. Luckily, it’s easy to gather photos from sources like Instagram and Pinterest to ensure you and your stylist are on the exact same page.

Be Social

These days, social media is the first stop for clients looking for a great hairstylist. A platform like Instagram displays a stylist’s hair cutting, hair coloring and hairstyling skills. So if you love what your stylist does, snap a selfie, post it on your social media feed and tag your hairdresser. That way he or she can repost your post, show off their work and attract new business. It’s a fun and easy way to show your stylist some love!

Buy Gift Certificates

Giving someone a gift card to your salon is a unique and thoughtful present, as well a hugely convenient option for you. And it also helps your stylist in a number of ways. First, it’s income, plain and simple-- money in the bank. Second, it’s a way of introducing her to a new client if the recipient isn’t already on the books. Third, a gift card might encourage an existing client to try something new since the service or product is already paid for, and that could lead to additional revenue for the salon moving forward if they like what they try. So the next time your stuck on what to get a friend or loved one for a birthday or special occasion, consider bringing your stylist into the mix with a gift card!


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