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Kaitlyn Bristowe Reveals Her Best Hair Tips

Blow Dry Hair with Care

“I try to limit shampooing my hair to a few times a week,” says Kaitlyn. “Then, when I blow dry, I apply a protective product like Biolage BlowDry Glotion. I divide my hair into sections and blow dry with a round brush. I avoid hot air; I put my dryer on a cooler setting. Doing so means it takes a little longer to blow dry my hair, but cooler air is healthier in the long run. So think low and slow—low heat and a slow blow dry. It will last for days and prevent damage.”

Wavy Hair Over Night

Wondering how Kaitlyn achieves her awesome wavy hairstyles? “Before bed, I put my hair up with a scrunchie from my DEW line, or in a braid,” she reveals. “When I wake up, I have natural waves.”

Kaitlyn Bristowe

Hair Masks Matter

Regular conditioning helps keep hair healthy, and a mask offers you an extra boost of moisture and hair shine. “I use a mask on my hair once a month when my hair is feeling dull and dry,” says Kaitlyn. “Right now, I am loving the new Biolage HydraSource Deep Treatment Pack!”

Biolage Deep Treatment Packs

Red Carpet Hair Prep Secret

If you’re heading to the stylist before a special occasion—a wedding or party, for example--try Kaitlyn’s red carpet trick. “Before an event or hitting the red carpet,” she says, “I shampoo my hair and air dry it with Biolage AirDry Glotion before meeting with my hair stylist. This way it’s clean and also has enough texture to support the style she creates.”

Let the Air Style Your Hair

Heat hurts—especially if it’s from a too-hot blow dryer or curling iron. That’s why Kaitlyn allows her hair to air dry as often as possible. “At least once a week, especially when I’m off the road and relaxing at home, I let my hair air dry,” she confirms. “I like to use Biolage AirDry Glotion, because it controls my frizz without the need to use heat!”

There you have Kaitlyn’s tried and true hair secrets. Want more tips? Check out @kaitlynbristowe on Instagram.

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