Here Are 8 Hairstyles Trending So Far In 2021

hairstyles for the new year

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If ever there was a perfect time for a hairstyle re-set it would be right now. There’s little we can control at the moment—science, politics, weather—but we certainly can take charge of how we wear our hair! To that end, here are some fresh and fun hairstyle updates, reflecting the shapes and textures that are trending at this very moment, according to the experts at Biolage.

Layered Curls With Bangs

Hair By: @salvatore_riccardi_hd

Curls are springier than ever these days, and curl silhouettes are streamlined and chic thanks to modern cutting methods. And who says curly girls can’t wear bangs? “As long as curls are cut carefully, section by section,” says Artistic Director and Texture Expert Michelle O’Connor, “anything is possible. Cutting curly hair is almost like sculpture—hair stylists must continuously be assessing balance and weight as they cut.”

Bouncy Bobs

If your bob has become a bit too bulky, consider adding a few elongating layers. Not only will you streamline unwanted fullness, but you’ll also gain some flattering lift at the roots. To style for even more volume, apply a volumizing mousse to damp hair. Divide your hair into sections and wrap the top sections around a round brush, in the opposite direction that it lays naturally. Let each section cool completely before flipping it back into place.

Swept Away By The ‘70s

Front sections that sweep back off the face are evoking major Farrah Fawcett vibes, but in a modern way. Starting those swept back sections at cheekbone level prevents the look from becoming too retro, as does balayage hair color that focuses on lightening the bottom sections. Keep highlighted hair in flawless condition with regular applications of a deep-conditioning mask formulated for color-treated hair.

The Shag

Hair By: @dilekonurtaylor

If you’ve always admired that rocker chic vibe, this is the trend you’ve been waiting for. “Right now the shag—in all lengths—is in high demand,” says Biolage Artistic Director Dilek Onur-Taylor. “What my clients love about the layered shag is how versatile it is. They can air dry it or add curl. I like creating haphazard waves with a flat iron for a tousled, effortless finish. Long curtain bangs or choppy baby bangs give the shag even more edginess. Use a texturizing gel to add separation and definition to the layers.”

Midlength Bob

Hair By: @holly_shaghair

An A-line bob that grazes the collarbone in front is the epitome of chic and straddles the “long and short” worlds beautifully. Ask your stylist to nip into the ends to prevent the haircut from looking too solid. A few waves—created with a jumbo curling iron—show off pearly blonde hair color like this to perfection. Regular use of a deep treatment mask for damaged hair will repair the damage done by hair color or bleach and keep delicate strands strong and shiny.

Creative Braids

Instead of a Netflix binge one evening, why not switch over to some YouTube tutorials on braiding techniques? A braid upgrades any ordinary ponytail or updo. There are millions of ways to twist and turn your hair, like these head-hugging Dutch braids that top off a low ponytail. Before beginning a braid, spray sections of hair with dry shampoo, which will provide the texture you need to keep a firm grip on your hair.

Big, Bouncy Curls

Hair By: @michelleoconnorbeauty

Inspired by the Queen Charlotte’s towering wigs in Bridgerton, curls are trending toward the high and mighty. Bottom line? More is more! Curls crave moisture so keep them topped up with lots of deep conditioning, including a creamy leave-in. Then let them take shape. “The more you allow your curls to form naturally,” says Michelle O’Connor, “the better they will look over time.”

Box Bangs

If your curtain bangs are beginning to droop, crisp them up with this clean, squared-off shape. Blunt bangs that fall just above the brows give off a vibe that’s equal parts Parisian chic and schoolgirl sweet. To blow dry blunt bangs, ditch your round brush and use a flat or paddle brush instead. Round brushes will create an unwanted “bump” in your bangs. Pop the nozzle onto your blow dryer and start windshield wiping your bangs left and right with the brush, aiming the airflow straight down onto your bangs from above. It’s best to start with super wet hair; if they get too dry, rewet your bangs with a little bit of styling spray to ensure a perfect fringe finish.

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