Need A Hair Color Boost? Try A Color Depositing Conditioner!

ColorBalm Color Depositing Conditioner Lavender

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Summer is here, the troubles of the previous year are subsiding and it’s time to let loose at last. One of the best ways to have some fun is with a color depositing conditioner like the new Biolage COLOR BALM. With these quick, vegan formulas, you can boost your hair color, boost your hair’s condition and boost your mood! Here’s what you need to know.

What Is a Color Depositing Conditioner?

A color depositing conditioner is a fast, easy way to add a little bit of temporary color to your hair while conditioning it at the same time. These formulas come in a variety of shades, from subtle to bold. They can be mixed to create custom shades or diluted with a clear formula to produce softer pastel versions of the original shade. “I love the new Biolage COLOR BALM Color Depositing Conditioners,” says Terra Dean of Terra Dean Studio in Cape Cod, MA. “They’re vegan, mineral- and paraben-free and they offer the same conditioning power of my clients’ favorite Biolage conditioners. In fact, they leave hair 10 times more conditioned after just one use! Plus they have that great Biolage fragrance!”

Who Is a Color Depositing Conditioner For?

In a word, everyone! If you’re blonde, you can change your color, add a few accents of a fun shade like pink or lilac or use a toning shade like ColorBalm Earl Grey to prevent brassiness. If you’re a brunette, COLOR BALM in a rich shade like Red Poppy or Cinnamon will give your hair a glossy wash of color. If you’re a redhead, try COLOR BALM in Saffron Red to keep your hue vivid and on-tone. “A lot of my clients use a color depositing conditioner because it lets them try something new that they’ve been curious about safely use a color depositing conditioner if you have curly hair, wavy hair or straight hair; if your hair is relaxed or straightened or if you have hair that is already colored, or hair that has never been colored.

How Do You Use a Color Depositing Conditioner?

It’s nearly as easy as conditioning your hair. “I tell my clients to put a small hand towel near the shower,” says Dean. “Then I tell them to shampoo their hair and use the towel to get as much moisture out of the hair as possible. That part is very important because the color will not show up as well if it’s applied to sopping wet hair.”

The next step is to apply the conditioner. “It’s best to divide your hair in half, right and left,” notes Dean, “or in quarters if you have super thick or super curly hair. Apply the conditioner generously to each section, using your hands to work it in from scalp to ends. Then grab a detangling wet brush or wide tooth come and comb it through. Go ahead and finish showering, then rinse out the conditioner after five-to-ten minutes. That’s all there is to it, and the great news is Biolage COLOR BALM won’t stain your skin or your tub.”

And here’s a tip for maintaining formula consistency from Brook. “If you’re mixing shades or combining a colored formula with clear,” she advises, “use the palm of your hand as a measuring guide. For example, if you want to create a soft copper tone, apply COLOR BALM Cinnamon using two lines on your palm and two lines of Saffron Red. Mix them together between your hands and then apply.”

How Long Does a Color Depositing Conditioner Last?

That depends on several factors. “I tell my clients the shades last longer on lighter hair and on hair that’s porous or slightly damaged,” says Dean. “Full strength shades will have more longevity than diluted shades, and it also depends how long you leave the conditioner on the hair, how often you shampoo and whether you shampoo with hot or cold water. Based on all these factors, the color could last anywhere from two-to-three shampoos to six weeks or longer.”

That’s all there is to it! From a fun color change to a subtle tonal shift to a refresh for your existing color shade, a color depositing conditioner like Biolage COLOR BALM boosts color, boosts care and boosts your mood as simply as applying conditioner!

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COLOR BALM Lavender Color Depositing Conditioner | Biolage

Color Balm Lavender Color Depositing Conditioner

Conditions hair while providing violet tone for light bases
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COLOR BALM Red Poppy Color Depositing Conditioner | Biolage

Color Balm Red Poppy Color Depositing Conditioner

Conditions hair while adding cool red luster and dimension
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COLOR BALM Earl Grey Color Depositing Conditioner | Biolage

Color Balm Earl Grey Color Depositing Conditioner

Conditions hair while providing light silver tone for light bases
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COLOR BALM Cinnamon Color Depositing Conditioner | Biolage

Color Balm Cinnamon Color Depositing Conditioner

Conditions hair while enhancing natural warm brunette tones


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