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As April rolls around every year, Earth Day comes along with it. It is the time to celebrate all things healthy and sustainable, and one of the best places to start is with your beauty and wellness habits. Here are a few simple things you can do in the name of a better future for yourself, your salon and the planet.

Earth Day is the time to celebrate all things healthy and sustainable, and one of the best places to start is with your beauty and wellness habits. Although it may seem overwhelming, there are actually many simple things you can do in the name of a better future for yourself, your salon and the planet. Here are ten tips for a more beautiful Earth Day, for Biolage-loving customers and for salons.





Choose products from companies that prioritize sustainability. Biolage, for example, has always embraced responsible manufacturing by powered by using renewable energy and reducing water consumption and waste to landfills in its factories. What’s more, Biolage bottles are 95 percent Post Consumer Resin (PCR), commonly known as recycled plastic, and the goal for this year is to use a full 100 percent PCR in its packaging.



Most of the beauty products you use wind up going down the drain (shampoo, conditioner, etc.) and merging into the water supply, so consider ingredients carefully when purchasing beauty products. Look for fewer chemicals and additives and more botanically-sourced ingredients that won’t adversely affect the drinking water.



When it comes to your blow dryer and styling irons, try to reduce the amount of energy you use by air-drying your hair more often. Also, look for highly efficient thermal tools that will get the job done as quickly as possible. Finally, unplug your hot tools immediately after using them to avoid wasting power when the tools aren’t in use.



Reduce water waste by taking quicker showers. Adopt some smart shower strategies, like shaving your legs while your conditioner is working and rinsing your hair with cool water. The latter not only saves on water heating, it’s also a good way to lock down the hair cuticles for a shinier finish and prevent hair color from fading prematurely! You may also consider shampooing a bit less frequently—this saves time, water and actually keeps your hair from becoming too dry and unmanageable. Invest in a dry shampoo, and put your hair into an updo for non-shampoo days when you want to refresh your hair and scalp.



More than 40 billion plastic bottles are produced each year in the United States and two-thirds of them end up in landfills. Be sure that all your recyclable beauty containers go to the recycling bin, not the waste bin. Check with your local trash collector or recycling center to determine what types of containers can be recycled and what, if any, specific requirements they have for accepting recyclables.



Do you use disposable wipes to remove your makeup?  If so, consider looking for biodegradable wipes that won’t accumulate in landfills. Better yet, use a washable face cloth that you can pop into the washing machine. Are your cosmetic brushes or hairbrushes made from animal hair like squirrel or goat? Consider tools made from a sustainable material like bamboo instead, which is biodegradable.    




Energy waste not only harms the planet, it’s expensive for any business. What can you do? Invest in energy-efficient bulbsTurn off all curling irons, flat irons, hood dryers and lights when not being used. Sign up for a renewable electricity program.


Wasted water is another “drain” on costs. There are several good ways to conserve water in the salon, such as switching to cold water in your washing machine; only using the washing machine when you have a full load to launder and finding and fixing any leaks in faucets and toilets.


Many types of businesses are taking long looks at ways to keep waste out of landfills. In the salon, use a tube key to take advantage of every drop of color in the tube. Use a scale every time you create color formulasOffer clients beverages in glass instead of disposable cups and opt for reusable straws instead of plastic or paper.


Buy recycling trashcans and place them next to the regular trashcan. Or check out the new Saloncycle program from Salon Centric. It offers salons an easy and effective way to recycle, providing a turn-key recycling solution for traditionally non-recyclable salon waste and packaging, including used foils, metal color tubes and empty plastic product containers. Also, keep in mind that recycled hair can be used for oil spills and contaminated storm drains. Investigate agencies that will accept salon hair clippings for this purpose. Finally, instead of aluminum foil, source foils that are made of recyclable materials for your highlights.


If you think beauty can’t be sustainable, think again. With some mindful and easy adjustments to your habits, it’s entirely possible to have beautiful hair as well as a beautiful planet!

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