Dry Shampoo 101: 7 Things You Need To Know


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When it comes to dry shampoo, there are generally two types of people. There are those who would rather be washed up on a desert island with their favorite dry shampoo than, say, water or a rescue flair because they simply cannot live without it. And then there are the uninitiated who don’t really get what dry shampoo is and does. Either way, there are probably things you don’t know about this marvelous and unique product, and once you do know, trust us—your life will never be the same.

Use Dry Shampoo To Control Oil

There are two sides to this statement. The first, most obvious one is the fact that dry shampoo contains ingredients such as rice starch that are excellent for absorbing the excess oil that builds up on your scalp. But did you also know that you can retrain your scalp to produce less oil over time? “The longer you go without shampooing your hair, the less oil your scalp produces,” explains Keasling. “So if you can stretch out the time between shampoos with dry shampoo, you can really change how your scalp behaves.”

Dry Shampoo Will Preserve Your Hair Color

Most folks know that dry shampoo is a waterless product that can be used to cleanse your hair. No muss, no fuss, no shower—just spray it on and go. But did you know it can do so much more than simply cleansing your hair? “Dry shampoo is a great way to extend the life of your hair color,” says Biolage Artistic Director Danielle Keasling, “because it allows you to go longer between shampoos.” And since frequent shampooing is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to causing hair color to fade or shift tone, the less often you wash your hair the better for your color.

Dry Shampoo Will Keep Your Hair Healthier

Our infatuation with our blow dryers and hot irons can lead to some pretty spectacular hairstyles for sure. But all of that heat styling can also lead to some pretty spectacular damage. Overusing your thermal tools, or using them improperly, can make your hair dry and brittle, which in turn causes breakage, not to mention making your hair dull and difficult to manage. “Dry shampoo gives you longer breaks between shampooing and heat styling your hair,” says Keasling, “So anytime you have a day when you don’t have to be freshly shampooed and coiffed, grab a dry shampoo and give your hair a rest. It will pay off in better condition in the long run.”

Dry Shampoo Will Add Texture To Your Hair

This one is a well-known hack among savvy hairstylists. “Texture sprays are great for adding some volume and texture to hair,” says Keasling, “but it can be a little too heavy for people with fine hair. In these instances, a dry shampoo is a great option to provide airiness and a little bit of hold. Because they contain ingredients that absorb oil, dry shampoos naturally give hair some volume and texture.”

Need A Styling Aid? Reach For Dry Shampoo

Here’s another pro hack. When it comes to creating updos and braids, hair that is too silky can be troublesome. It’s hard to handle and hard to keep in place. Dry shampoo to the rescue! Spraying dry shampoo on your hair creates what stylists refer to as “grip,” which gives you the traction you need to get those twists and updos done!

Focus On Your Scalp

When applying dry shampoo, think of it as conventional shampoo without the water. “Keep in mind that shampoo is created for your scalp, and conditioner is for your lengths and ends,” explains Keasling. “When you shampoo, you’re not technically cleansing your hair, you’re cleansing your scalp. You should work your shampoo into your scalp, massage to remove impurities and then rinse to carry the impurities away. Then you apply conditioner to restore the lengths of your hair.” In keeping with this concept, says Keasling, don’t apply dry shampoo as if it’s hairspray. “Apply it only to your scalp and out about two inches,” she advises, “because that’s where the oil starts, which then travels down the length of your hair.”

Work In Small Sections

There’s a method for applying dry shampoo and spraying it all over isn’t it. You’ll get more control and better coverage if you work in sections. “Divide your head down the middle, and then again from left to right so it’s in quadrants,” advises Keasling. “Then within each quadrant, use your fingers to pick up partings every three to four inches. Aim the shampoo at your scalp along each parting. If it’s easier, do this with your head flipped over. The thicker your hair, the more sections you should have.” Another tip? Don’t hold the can too close. “Spray products are wet, and they need ‘air time’ to dry,” says Keasling. “So the rule of thumb is to hold the nozzle a can’s length away to allow the product to dry on its way from the nozzle to your scalp.”

Finally, says Keasling, it’s good to know that science continues to advance the technology of dry shampoos, making them easier to use and more effective all the time. “I love the new Biolage Intense ALL-IN-ONE Dry Shampoo,” she says, “because it extends the time between washes up to four days, it’s super lightweight and it smells so fresh. Plus, it doesn’t leave any white residue whatsoever, so I give it to all of my clients, regardless of the color of their hair!”

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ALL-IN-ONE Intense Dry Shampoo | Biolage

ALL-IN-ONE Intense Dry Shampoo

Multi-benefit dry shampoo to extend time between washes for up to 4 days

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