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Kaitlyn Bristowe Reveals Her Best Hair Tips
Aspyn Ovard’s Best Hair Care Tips & Secrets

Tip 1: Shampoo your hair no more than a few times a week

“I only wash my hair once or twice a week,” Aspyn reveals, “depending on how many days in a row I can rock a messy bun! Washing your hair every day strips the natural oils. She adds, “I prefer to style my hair when it's dirty because the styles hold better, and I get more texture. It's also less time consuming, you don't use up as much product and you don't have to blow dry as often!”

Between shampoos, Aspyn reaches for a dry shampoo—she says Biolage Waterless Shampoo is one of her favorites. “When I do wash my hair,” she says, “I have been using Biolage R.A.W. Scalp Care Antidandruff Shampoo and Rebalance Conditioner to exfoliate and add moisture back into my hair, especially during dry winter weather!”

Tip 2: Use a hair mask once a week

Aspyn says this is an essential part of her hair care routine. “I like to mask every Sunday—I do it regularly so I don’t forget! My hair has been every color in the book, which has caused a lot of damage. So I need to use a mask to help keep it healthy! I’m currently loving the new Biolage Deep Treatment Packs. I’m not going to stop coloring my hair, so including a mask in my weekly routine is an important step for me. The new Biolage ColorLast Mask is a perfect hair treatment for color-treated hair!”

Biolage Deep Treatment Packs

Tip 3: Try to air dry hair more often

Air drying hair is not only convenient, it’s also better for your hair than thermal styling. “I typically use heat on my hair about once a week,” says Aspyn. “I like to curl my hair when I am filming my weekly video for my YouTube channel but otherwise you will see me in a messy bun 99% of the time! I spend a lot of time working from home on the computer, so I really don't need to use heat on my hair during those days.

I also try to schedule my filming day to be able to shower early enough to air dry my hair, instead of blow drying. This eliminates another heat step. Biolage AirDry Glotion is perfect for air drying my hair without frizz. My hair grows pretty quickly and I think this is one of the main reasons why!”

There you have it—secrets of one of the most-followed beauty bloggers on social media. Want more tips? Check out @AspynOvard on Instagram or subscribe to her YouTube channel.


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