Special Edition Tote Made of Recycled Bottles With Earth Day Gift Set Purchase

2022 Biolage Earth Day Tote Bag

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A tote that cares! This special-edition Earth Month bag has been created from recycled water bottles. Get them while supplies last. Biolage believes beauty can be sustainable – in many ways!

First off, the primary Biolage manufacturing facility in the US is powered by renewable energy, committed to reduce water consumption and waste to landfills year over year. Next, Biolage is proud that our bottles are over 90% PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) plastic and we’re aiming to achieve 100% this year. And always, Biolage is looking toward the future, committed to finding more sustainable solutions.

And to honor the earth this April, Biolage is excited about an exciting new offering. With the purchase of any Biolage Earth Day Gift Sets this month, you’ll receive a free tote bag that’s actually made of recycled water bottles!

The production process is starts with the collection of single-use plastic bottles, which are next sorted in a facility that specializes in creating fabric from recycled materials. The bottles are then converted to fibers which are woven into rolls of fabric. After the fabric design is chosen, the material is printed using earth-friendly pigments. Finally, the fabric is cut and sewn into tote bags.  

This brand is inspired by nature, and we are constantly exploring ways to reduce our environmental footprint and encourage others to reduce theirs.” says Mounia Tahiri, Biolage Professional senior vice president. “Together we will make beauty sustainable—sustaining beautiful hair as well as a beautiful planet!”


The Earth Day Gift Sets are available for Biolage’s most popular shampoo and conditioner duos— Color Last, Hydra Source, Smooth Proof, and Volume Bloom—and feature exclusive art by Barbara Malagoli, whose art highlights female figures and symbols that tell stories of empowerment and embody the beauty of Mother Earth.


Biolage recycled tote bags and Earth Day Gift Sets are available at fine salons throughout the U.S.


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