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Grab these must-have beauty items for Mom this Mother's Day



Show your appreciation this Mother's Day by treating your mom to some self-care for all the care she gives you year-round. This year, why not pamper her with the gift of luxurious hair care products? Help her indulge in moments of relaxation and rejuvenation with a carefully curated selection of hair care essentials. From nourishing shampoos and conditioners to styling favorites that create salon-worthy looks, our Mother's Day gift guide has everything you need to show your mom just how much she means to you. Let her know that it's her turn to be taken care of, and give her the gift of beautiful, healthy hair that reflects her inner radiance.


For the Pampering Mom

The pampering mom, who always puts the needs of her loved ones before her own, deserves a moment of indulgence and self-care. Pair the Scalp Sync Purifying Scalp Concentrate with a scalp massager to rejuvenate her scalp and provide a luxurious massage treatment. This dynamic duo exfoliates, calms and hydrates in one step. To complement this, add a soft and cozy bathrobe for her to continue her pampering session in ultimate comfort.

Biolage Beauty: Scalp Sync Purifying Scalp Concentrate




For the Busy-Mom

“No” is not in this mom’s vocabulary—she takes on the extra project at work, the coaching slot for the girls’ soccer team and sewing the costumes for the school play. Since her time is so precious, shop for timesaving gifts such as a food delivery service that will free her up from nightly dinner chores or a monthly housecleaning service. And to help keep her busy family schedule under control, look into a large calendar that can hang on the wall for everyone to see and contribute to.

Biolage Beauty: All-In-One Coconut Infusion Multi-Benefit Treatment Spray

Hours-long beauty routines? This mom ain’t got time for that. That’s why a multi-purpose workhorse like All-In-One is perfect for keeping her hair on point. This spray does it all for every type of hair, from enhancing shine, fighting frizz, detangling and protecting hair from heat damage to preventing split ends and more!




For the Glam Mom

Somehow, she does it all—runs the house, runs the company, runs the family—and rocks it all with flawless eyeliner, perfectly manicured nails and exquisite highlights. The glam-mama appreciates all things luxurious so don’t hold back. Indulge her in a set of silk pillowcases to keep her blowouts smooth and frizz-free and while you’re at it, throw in a set of matching silk pajamas for nighttime bliss. Another sure-to-please gift? A monthly floral-delivery subscription to fill her world with gorgeous and fragrant blooms year-round.

Biolage Beauty: Color Last Shampoo and Conditioner for Color Treated Hair

Undoubtedly the glam mom’s beauty budget is heavily weighted toward maintaining her head-turning hair color. Acknowledge and support her efforts with this hair care duo, designed to keep hair color shiny, vibrant and true.




For the Supermom

As a mom who does it all, finding moments of relaxation and self-care can be a challenge. That's why pairing a deep treatment mask with a scented candle is the perfect gift to create a truly indulgent experience for your mom. The  Strength Recovery Deep Treatment Mask will nourish and revitalize her hair, while the scented candle will create a calming and soothing atmosphere, allowing her to unwind and escape from the demands of everyday life. This thoughtful gift not only takes care of her hair but also provides her with a well-deserved opportunity to recharge and prioritize her own well-being. It's a beautiful way to show your appreciation for all the love and care she pours into her family, reminding her that she deserves moments of relaxation and self-care too.

Biolage Beauty: Strength Recovery Deep Treatment Mask




For the Outdoorsy Mom

Mother Nature is this mom’s solace and source of renewal. So gift her with the latest gardening goodies—hardy gloves, seed catalogs, an ergonomic hand tool set-- to enhance her time tending her stunning hydrangeas or prize-winning pumpkins. Alternatively, you could support her love of hiking with a set of sturdy hiking poles or a thermal flask that will keep her water icy cold all day long.

Biolage Beauty: Hydra Source Deep Treatment Pack Mask for Dry Hair

All that time spent outside in the sunshine can lead to dry hair. Tuck a packet of this deeply hydrating mask into her goody bag to quench those dry strands. She can apply it once or twice a week for long-lasting hydrating results. And bonus points to you when she learns that all Biolage products are vegan, cruelty-free and packaged in recycled bottles.




For the Never-Thinks-of-Herself Mom

Shopping trips for herself turn into gift searches for the family. She’s generous to a fault—with her time, her money and her heart. Loved ones and friends always come first. For this mom, a little self-care is long overdue. Lead her into some pampering rituals with a lovely, scented candle; fragrant essential oils and soothing body lotions. Send her off to a blissful afternoon with a gift certificate for a spa pedicure or massage.

Biolage Beauty: Full Density Shampoo and Conditioner for Thin Hair

Chances are this mom doesn’t take much time for her hair or her hair health. With time, hair tends to become thinner and more fragile, and this duo can really help. The shampoo is infused with biotin, and it gently cleanses thinning hair to remove impurities while building hair resiliency from root to tip. The conditioner nourishes thinning hair and increases the diameter of each strand.




For the Stylish Mom

This mom wouldn’t be caught dead in sweatpants, and she never leaves the house without a full lip. All the other moms consult her when they have to dress for a special occasion, and she often loans out “just the thing” from her own closet. For this lady, you can’t go wrong with a classic perfume or a dainty gold initial necklace. Or consider getting her an elegant jewelry box or a sleek compact that she can tuck in her bag for discreet makeup touchups.

Biolage Beauty: Volume Bloom Shampoo, Conditioner and Full Lift Volumizing Spray for Fine Hair

Full-bodied hair is a critical fashion accessory, and the Volume Bloom collection produces plump, bouncy strands. These formulas are inspired by the expansive properties of the cotton flower and help support any finished look. The spray is a true superhero—especially when applied to the roots.



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Scalp Sync Purifying Scalp Concentrate | Biolage Professional

Scalp Sync Purifying Scalp Concentrate

A gentle pre-shampoo treatment that exfoliates, calms & hydrates in one step!
ALL-IN-ONE Coconut Infusion Multi-Benefit Treatment Spray | Biolage

All-In-One Coconut Infusion Multi-Benefit Treatment Spray

Multi-tasking spray for all hair types and textures
Color Last Shampoo For Colored Hair | Biolage Professional

Color Last Shampoo for Color-Treated Hair

Gently cleanses and helps maintain the color depth, tone and shine for vivid color-treated hair
Strength Recovery Deep Treatment Mask | Biolage Professional

Strength Recovery Deep Treatment Pack

Strength Recovery Deep Treatment Pack infused with vegan squalane is a rinse-off hair mask for damaged hair that needs extra moisture, nourishment, and repair.  
Biolage Full Density Shampoo for thin or thinning hair

Full Density Shampoo for Thin Hair

Cleanses thinning hair to remove impurities while building hair resiliency from root to tip.
 Volume Bloom Shampoo  for fine hair | Biolage Professional

Volume Bloom Shampoo for Fine Hair

Gently cleanses as it adds lightweight shine and volume
HYDRA SOURCE Deep Treatment Multi-Use Hair Mask Pack | Biolage

Hydra Source Deep Treatment Pack Hair Mask for Dry Hair

Hair mask for more manageable, hydrated and softer feeling hair


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