All the Reasons Hair Oil Should Be Part of Your Hair Care Routine

All In One Multi Benefit Oil

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Why add hair oil to your hair care routine?  The reasons are endless, and the benefits are too!

Sometimes it seems there are more oil options for hair than toppings for ice cream sundaes. Jojoba oil, argan oil, coconut oil, olive oil—the list goes on and on. The choices are endless, and the benefits are too!


Why add an oil to your hair care routine? So many reasons! Oil is super versatile and easy to use. It makes your hair more manageable, and don’t even get us started on how much shine it adds to dull strands!


One of the latest and greatest developments in the world of hair oil is the launch of the new Biolage All-In-One Oil. This modern formula makes it completely uncomplicated to choose a hair oil formula by providing ten amazing benefits in one lightweight, super absorbent product. “Hair oils are fantastic to use for treating, moisturizing and styling hair,” says Biolage Director of Education Rachel Flowers. “But we understood that people often become overwhelmed with all the oil choices out there. The answer is All-In-One Oil—it’s a multi-purpose solution in one product.”


The new All-In-One Oil features Moringa Oil, one of the most versatile ingredients around. Biolage’s Moringa Oil is sustainably sourced in the Himalayan Mountains, and it’s particularly valued for its protective and moisturizing properties. The product is vegan and ethically sourced, plus it’s free of silicones and other artificial ingredients so you can be confident in the quality, effectiveness and principles of what you’re putting on your hair and scalp.


There are tons of ways to incorporate All-In-One Oil into every hair care and styling routine. Here, the pros at Biolage offer just a few ideas.


A Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Use All-In-One Oil as a pre-treatment for your hair and scalp. Apply a small amount to brushed-out hair and comb through to moisturize from scalp to ends. If your scalp is dry, work it into your scalp to relieve itchiness and irritation. Then go ahead and shampoo and condition hair as usual.


A Replenishing Hair Treatment

You can also use All-In-One as a moisturizing and replenishing hair treatment. Work the oil through dry or damp strands, wrap your hair in a warm, damp towel and sit under a dryer or out in the sun for 15 or 20 minutes before shampooing. Do this once or twice a week for a real boost of hydration. You may even want to leave the oil treatment in overnight to enhance softness and help detangle your hair the next day.


A Massage Oil

Pamper yourself with a scalp massage using oil to nourish your scalp as you massage. Simply apply some oil to your hands and fingertips and massage away, using circular and stroking movements on your head. Keep it up for three-to-five minutes before shampooing and conditioning your hair. In addition to the relaxation you experience from the massage, the oil will help condition and nourish your strands.


A Leave-In Conditioner

Once you’ve shampooed and conditioned your hair, apply All-In-One Oil as a leave-in treatment to damp hair. It will help detangle and hydrate strands, protect from heat damage, fight frizz and add softness and shine before blow drying. If you prefer to air-dry your hair, All-In-One will help tame fuzz and flyaways.


Between Styling Touch-Ups

If the ends of your hair become dry or dull between shampoos, simply run a few drops of oil through to replenish moisture and shine. All-In-One-Oil is super light so your hair will absorb it instantly, and it won’t weigh your hair down or look greasy.


All-In-One Oil is for everyone and every type of hair—straight, curly, coily, fine, thick, coarse, long, short. Simply increase or decrease the amount you use—anywhere from a dime-size to a quarter-size dollop-- based on the thickness and length of your hair. If your hair is fine or oily, the best strategy is to apply oil to mid-lengths and ends and keep it off of your scalp. Other than that anything goes, and with regular use, All-In-One Oil will leave your hair soft, nourished, hydrated and so much healthier!





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