Cool Hairstyles For Naturally Curly Hair


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Those of us with straight hair confess—we have major curl envy. Your ringlets, spirals, coils and twists are so bouncy, so buoyant, so sassy—your amazing naturally curly hair makes the rest of us feel kind of meh. But we don’t begrudge you those gorgeous halos of curly hair. In fact, they inspire us. Here are cool and inspirational hairstyles for naturally curly hair that lets us all revel in your hair glory.

Faux Hawk

Express your fierceness with this mock Mohawk hairstyle for naturally curly hair. Sweep up the sides and secure them with twists, scalp braids or hair styling gel. Refine the curls on top with a curl contouring lotion.

Spiral Curls With Highlights

Matrix Artistic Director Michelle O’Connor loves her styling cones. She uses a variety of sizes--from ¼-inch and up--to create consistent, natural-looking spirals. Her tip? As you wrap small sections of hair around the rod, twist the hair at the same time for a natural-looking curl. And be sure to allow the rod to heat the curl completely before releasing the hair—otherwise the spirals won’t be consistent. Add a few face-frame highlights and your naturally curly hair will really pop!

Bun + Blossom

Forget flower crowns. This season, floral accessories are big and bold according to Matrix Artistic Director Robert Santana. Create a high bun and tuck a distinctive bloom into your curls for summer-time flair. Or, let your curls flow and tuck a flower behind your ear.

Easy Beach Waves

The beauty of naturally curly hair is its versatility. If your natural texture is on the looser side, you can easily create trendy beach waves. First apply a hair smoothing cream and blow dry your hair smooth. Then grab a large curling iron, place it at eye- or jaw-level and curl the bottom half of your hair, keeping the ends straight. Use a heat-protection spray to avoid thermal damage.

Disco Curls

The distinct shape of this hairstyle for naturally curly hair has a retro ‘70s feeling thanks to its wide silhouette. Longer hair requires less-frequent shampooing—this helps retain the natural moisture that curls crave. If you need a refresh between shampoos reach for a cleansing conditioner designed for curly hair. It will refresh your hair and scalp while preserving and defining the structure of your curls.

Coppery Curly Lob

Curls were made for the mid-length lob—it shows them off to their springy best! What’s even better than a lob for naturally curly hair? A lob adorned with spicy red haircolor! The secret to natural-looking red haircolor is to keep the base slightly darker than the ends and apply two different highlight colors—one slightly lighter and one a bit darker—for realistic dimension.

Neat Crop Haircut

If you’re ready for a big chop, nothing is easier than a neat, closely-cropped cut that follows the shape of your head. Brush it up from the roots to create lift and fullness and spritz your coils with a natural-origin replenishing oil hair mist to keep them glistening and reflective.

Diffused Bob

This is naturally curly hair at its natural best. Simply work a rich hair styling cream through damp hair and dry it with a diffuser, allowing the natural curl shape to form. Once dry, run a wide-tooth comb through your hair to blend the curls, and then create a deep side part for a beautiful heart-shaped frame for your face. Mist curls with a moisturizing shine spray to repel frizz and flyaways.

Short Bob With Cropped Bangs

The proportion is everything in this hairstyle for naturally curly hair. The abbreviated length of the bob haircut mirrors the short length of the mini-bangs. To create consistency with an inconsistent curl pattern, Robert loves to set hair with craft knots. Apply a hair styling cream to curls that are about 85 percent dry, twist each one until it collapses onto itself and pin it to secure. Once dry, remove the pins and shake the hair at the roots to blend the curls.

Cleansing Conditioner for Curly Hair | Biolage

Cleansing Conditioner for Curly Hair

Preserves and defines the structure of curls.
SMOOTH PROOF Anti-Frizz Serum | Biolage

SMOOTH PROOF Serum for Frizzy Hair

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