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Braid Trends And Braided Hairstyles To Try Now

Tequila Sunrise Half Up Braid

Tequila Sunrise Half Up Braid hairstyle

It doesn’t get much simpler than this—a classic half up hairstyle, gathered into a three-strand braid rather than a ponytail. What makes this hair style so much more than ordinary is the glorious array of sunny shades—bright yellow, coral and citrus orange—that evoke the joy of a tropical vacation.

Braid tip: Clean hair may be too slick and slippery to braid. If that’s the case, try applying a dry shampoo or styling gel before you create a braid hairstyle. These products give a braid the perfect working texture.

Floating French Braid

Floating French Braid hairstyle

This loose braid looks intricate, but it’s really easy to do! Simply start braiding a Mohawk-shape section at the hairline, feeding in additional hair from each side as you progress along the section. Lift the hair and braid loosely for an expanded result. Continue until you run out of hair and secure with an elastic.

Braid tip: Before drying hair, apply a volumizing mousse at the roots and a blow-dry hair lotion through the lengths for lift and frizz control. Blow dry the hair away from the face to support the direction of the braid.

Lilac Infinity Braid

Lilac Infinity braid hairstyle

Infinity braids are blowing up the internet. Here, the unique texture of an Infinity braid adds texture and interest to loosely-bundled waves. To create an Infinity braid, divide hair into two sections, create another narrow section on one side and weave it under and over the two main sections like a figure eight. Repeat on the other side. Alternate from side to side.

Braid tip: When you’re braiding hair, it’s all about the rhythm. Every braid, no matter how intricate it may look, is created by breaking it down into a series of sequences. Memorize the sequence, practice and find your rhythm. Soon the braid will come easily.

Yellow Duck Scalp Braid

Yellow Duck Scalp Braid hairstyle

One of the hottest braid hair style trends right now is head-hugging braids placed along your part line. This one’s lashed with leather on top and on the ends for an especially fierce result!

Braid tip: Flyaways have no place on a braided hairstyle so keep them under control. Use a smoothing lotion before blow drying and once the braid is complete, discourage fuzz and hair frizz with a fast-drying hair spray.

Rose Gold Wide Pull Through Braid

Rose Gold Wide Pull Through Braid hairstyle

Rather than long and lean, many of today’s hottest braid shapes are soft and wide. The plumpness adds extra allure to the braid hairstyle. When creating a shape like this, keep hold of the bottom and gently expand each loop on the sides as you go. Once you secure the ends, widen the braid even more for a uniquely full result.

Braid tip: Most loose, full braids look best if you start with some body and movement in the hair. Use a curling iron or curling wand to create loose curls or waves before you begin to braid. If you have fine hair, prep it with a volumizing mousse before drying to add a bit of heft.

Side Braid

side braid hairstyle

Whether you opt for a French braid, Dutch braid or conventional three-strand braid, wrapping it around your head gives it three-dimensional flair. Expand the braid after it’s secure for a soft, touchable look.

Braid tip: Braids are a great way to spotlight the dimension and variety in vibrant, fashion hair color designs. A braided shape blends multi-colored sections together beautifully. Keep all the hair color tones consistently vivid by using gentle color care products that maintain your gorgeous hue without parabens or synthetic dyes.

Embedded Braids

Embedded braids hairstyle

Raise your hand if you “heart” these adorable braided accents. Hearts are simple to create—just gather your hair in mini ponytails, secure, split each tail in half, braid the halves and secure the braids. Expand the braids, form the hearts and pin them tight to your head. Love!

Braid tip: One way to expand a braid is with a technique called ruching. To accomplish this, complete and secure the braid, then grasp the tip. With your other hand, slide the braid upward. Do it gently to expand the braid or use more tension to compress the shape and create a full braided bun.

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