Luis Alvarez Named Biolage Global Creative Director


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Luis Alvarez announces he is returning to Biolage, taking on the significant role of Global Creative Director.

In 1990, Luis Alvarez was a young freelance hair artist with a strong eye for beautiful hair and the talent to bring his visions to life. He began contributing that talent to Biolage, and before long the company founders—Arnie and Sydell Miller—offered him a full-time position on the Biolage creative team. The brand was relatively new at the time, and during his years with the company he helped shape the image and direction of Biolage as well as many of its most iconic products.


Over the past 30 years he went on to become an internationally renowned expert in image making, product development and education in the fashion and beauty industries. He was awarded L’Ordre de la Chevalerie in Paris, one of hairdressing’s highest awards, and was named one of Modern Salon’s 50 Most Influential Hairdressers of all time.


Now things have come full circle, and Alvarez has announced he is returning to Biolage, taking on the significant role of Global Creative Director. What this means, he explains, is that he will be contributing to and guiding multiple touch points within the brand including education, product co-creation and category insights, while bringing Biolage’s vision of high-performance haircare to life through digital communication and visual campaigns.


Alvarez says he’s excited about his new role. “I’m coming full circle,” he says, “joining the current management team to future-proof Biolage for the next generation of hair artists and salon customers. My first three assignments are to create a brand expression that embodies the Biolage promise and aesthetic point of view; expand the current styling and finishing portfolio with a range of next-gen products designed to enhance or transform any natural texture and lead a Biolage team of experienced mentors and up and coming artists that share a propensity for creating beautiful, wearable styles. It’s a category I call ‘reality elevated.’”


“Arnie and Sydell Miller ignited a passion for the hair industry in both of us early in our careers,” says Shane Wolf, Global President, U.S. Brands, Professional Products Division. “So having Luis rejoin Biolage as a driving force is especially meaningful as we look towards the future.”

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