Explore Wellness: Biolage Self-Care Week 2024

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Join Biolage's Self-Care Week 2024 for expert wellness insights and transformative tips!

Amidst the whirlwind of summer activities—weddings, parties, family gatherings, travel, and sports—your schedule becomes exceedingly full, layered atop your regular daily commitments. As you find yourself managing various commitments and ensuring the daily routine runs smoothly, your noble intentions to prioritize self-care often fall to the wayside.


Biolage is here to help. We believe you can (and should) care for yourself, as well as everyone else!


Since its inception in 1990, Biolage has been at the forefront of merging professional haircare with spa-inspired treatments, thanks to the visionary efforts of founder Arnie Miller. Embodying Miller's philosophy, Biolage has offered salon clients a respite from their hectic lives. By integrating soothing head massages with the invigorating aromas and luxurious textures of its products, Biolage stylists elevated routine salon visits into extraordinary, pampering experiences that clients eagerly embraced.

Arnie Miller championed self-care as a vital, holistic journey that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit. He believed that prioritizing oneself not only enhances personal well-being but also enriches one's ability to engage fully with life. Thus, self-care should not be seen as indulgent but as fundamental to one’s overall health.


This year marks the second annual celebration of Biolage's commitment to promoting self-care and well-being, building on the success of last year's initiatives. This ongoing commitment will be highlighted during Biolage Self-Care Week, from July 22-26, 2024, hosted on Instagram @Biolage. Get ready for an enriching lineup of live sessions and continuous content designed to help you reconnect with and rejuvenate yourself, unlocking your fullest potential.



We are thrilled to present five distinguished self-care experts, each specializing in different facets of holistic well-being. They will provide fresh insights and inspiration for self-care and self-discovery. Here’s what you can look forward to:


Financial Wellness with Jamie Dana: Jamie Dana, an educator, Instagram expert, and hairstylist, is passionate about empowering individuals to achieve financial prosperity. Through her comprehensive online programs, social media platforms, YouTube channel, and global speaking engagements, Jamie is dedicated to helping people build a financially sustainable life they love, free from burnout and overwhelm.

The Power of Aromatherapy with Amy Anthony: Amy Anthony, a certified clinical Aromatherapist and herbalist, operates a private practice in New York City. She brings a deep respect for nature and a commitment to working intentionally with aromatic plants. Amy will explore how these elements can enhance the mind-body-spirit connection, guiding participants through the transformative power of aromatherapy.

Master Your Energy Type with Kiera Doyle: Explore the unique landscape of your personal energy with Human Design expert Kiera Doyle. Her sessions will provide insights into how to leverage your energy for better outcomes in career, relationships, and personal health. Kiera’s expertise in energetics and manifestation will empower you to harness your personal power effectively.

Embrace Mindfulness and Put Yourself First with Elizabeth Faye: Elizabeth Faye, a business coach and trauma-informed life coach, emphasizes the importance of self-love and mindful living for achieving personal and professional success. Her workshops will inspire you to embrace a new paradigm of wealth, well-being, pleasure, and ease, helping you step into your power.

Prioritize Your Scalp and Hair Health with Dr. Marisa Garshick: Dr. Marisa Garshick, a leading board-certified dermatologist, will highlight the critical link between scalp health and overall well-being. Practicing in Manhattan and Englewood, NJ, Dr. Garshick will share expert tips on maintaining optimal scalp and hair health to reflect your inner vitality and beauty.

"Self-care is the best way to unlock your full potential and create a life that's both fulfilling and successful," says Kiera Doyle. So, take the time to focus on yourself and join us for a transformative journey of self-care and self-discovery with @Biolage. Your journey to a better you starts now!



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